Thank you loyal customers! At this time MasksByWhizley has decided to suspend selling masks online. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding any previous orders.

About Us

Masks By Whizley mission is to get people safe as fast as possible

Are your masks legit?
Yes! We take painstaking care to get the required certification, testing and quality control of all the products we import. Whizley has been doing this for over 27 years, and we pride ourselves on protecting our customers. All PPE products are made in FDA registered facilities.

Who is Whizley?
Whizley is an organization supplying PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and is part of a group of companies that have been in the import and distribution business for over 27 years.

Why do you sell masks?
We care. We want to make sure that the people of the United states have the ability to buy and receive the products they need on time. 

Why do you have masks and other companies don't?
We have specialized in importing products for 27 years, and with our own facility based in Shanghai, allows us to have boots on the ground. Our experience in quality control and logistics which we have developed over 27 years allows us to  deliver your order on time. 

What quality controls do you have?
All our PPE products are made in registered FDA facilities. Our products are inspected by our team from our China office who are running checks to ensure the highest quality safety and vetting inspections are done on a daily basis. 

Testing the masks

Quality assurance of the mask's production facilities

Checking the manufacturing process

I want to know more about your donations of 50,000 masks to 200 organizations in need?

Are you a frontline worker or charity in need of face masks? We care about you. is giving away 50,000 masks to organizations in dire need. You can learn more and enquire here.

About the company

MasksbyWhizley is a division of Whizley a major supplier of imported products and packaging.  

Mask by Whizley's Ceritifications


All of our masks are made in FDA registered facility, imported into the USA meeting all local and federal regulations, and shipped within the USA from our distribution warehouse in California. Buy with confidence, enjoy fast shipping, and utilize our comprehensive return policy if on the off-chance you aren’t satisfied with your order.


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Ship by Fedex  Packing of Face Masks    Bulk PPE Packs is a division of Whizley LLC. Whizley is vetted under the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) – an independent, accreditation organization whose mission is to elevate the standards of imported products to ensure safe, high-quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise – offering our users complete peace of mind.