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Winter is Coming: Stock Up PPE Essentials with Whizley Black Friday Sale

whizley masks black friday sale

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 47,054,288 people in the world. This count is increasing as we speak. In less than a week, the pandemic will infect many more people across the globe.

With the winter season just around the corner, the behavior of the COVID-19 virus will be similar to other respiratory diseases. It is said that another wave of the virus might start this winter and nearly 90% of the population may be susceptible to this disease. As a result, there will be a surge in coronavirus cases. The only thing that we can do to secure ourselves from the virus is to utilize PPE gear and other essentials. .

Why Winter Season Might Worsen The COVID-19 Outbreak?

The winter season in the northern hemisphere is approaching, which has led researchers to believe that coronavirus spread might increase during this time; especially in the areas with fewer control measures. Since the infections might increase, we might experience difficult winter months.

Generally, viruses and infections increase in the winters. Naturally, this count decreases during the summer. While it is too early to state whether coronavirus will or will not become a similar seasonal disease, its increase might be still seen in the coming months. This is due to the nature in which the virus spreads; such as when we cough and sneeze.

For example, multiple people will start meeting indoors in places with poor ventilation. This might increase transmission risk, hence, enhance the spread of the virus.

However, it is also believed that even with the minimum impact of the season, many people are still more susceptible to the virus. This means that places that may be experiencing summers are also equally susceptible.

The only factor that might reduce the risk of this disease is wearing a mask, following social distancing, and taking precautions.

How To Take Precautions?

There are multiple things that we can do to take precautions. Here’s a list:

● The first one is to wear a mask. This is an imperative step that every individual should follow without giving it a second thought.

● Using sanitizer is another important step. It includes sanitizing hands regularly after touching foreign handles, substances, or other places. For example, after purchasing groceries.

● As a retailer or business with visitors, it is necessary to have protective accessories like thermometers, gloves, sanitizers etc. These accessories may help you reduce the risk of transmission between your customers and employees.

● Lastly, purchase PPE kits when you need to travel and visit places with a high risk of transmission.

Massive Black Friday Sale at Whizley for All Your PPE Needs

Black Friday is just approaching and retailers are preparing for the big sale. Every time around this year major retail stores, both online and offline, provide amazing discounts and offers.

Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving and with Christmas around the corner, it makes it easier to start shopping for those christmas gifts. Whizley products make a perfect gift for all friends and family or even employees if you are a business owner. Nothing says “I care about you” more than a protective kit.

The Whizley Black Friday sale will start from November 16th, so mark your calendars! We will offer various discounts on COVID-19 essentials and will also conduct lucrative giveaways just for you. Almost every product on the Whizley website will go on sale, which would give you a chance to stock up on winter essentials at a significant price drop.

You can find more information about our sale on our website or social channels!


There’s no stopping the COVID-19 pandemic without taking necessary measures. It is necessary to wear a mask, reduce visiting the constricted place, and utilize sanitizer when in contact with an item, surface, or person. However, for this, you need appropriate accessories, which you can purchase during Whizley Black Friday sale. Check the details above and get ready to purchase COVID-19 essentials at lower prices. Grab your necessities soon before they run out of stock!

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