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Essential Personal Protective Equipment for Kids Going Back to School this Fall Semester

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With the fall semester just around the corner, parents need to start preparing for their kids’ return to school after the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown. While exciting for the kids – who will be seeing their classmates and teachers after a long and unexpected hiatus – this return to school can be a major source of anxiety for the parents.

This is because going back to school, and being in constant proximity with large groups of other children, might put their kid at risk of coronavirus infection. To prevent such exposure, parents will need to ensure that their kids have ready access to all the essential personal protective equipment that will help protect them from the novel coronavirus.

The Importance of High-Quality PPE Products at School

Children attending school are constantly surrounded by their peers, teachers, and other members of the school staff. Being in such close proximity to so many other people amidst a global pandemic might prove to be quite dangerous unless the right preventive measures are taken.

Reportedly, COVID-19 can be spread from one person to another, not only by sick and infected individuals but also by the so-called ‘asymptomatic carriers’, who display no symptoms of the disease themselves but can pass it on to other people. Typically, it spreads from person to person by means of respiratory droplets, which are released when someone is coughing, sneezing, or talking.

These respiratory droplets usually consist of saliva and mucus, but might also potentially contain infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. For this reason, children going to school must be equipped with high-quality, multi-layered, disposable face masks.

These masks will cover their nose and mouth, preventing them from breathing in the respiratory droplets released by those around them. The masks will also prevent children from spreading the infection to their peers, in case they might have caught it elsewhere. High-quality disposable face masks, combined with the recommended amount of social distancing, can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 to a substantial degree.

Most physicians and healthcare professionals recommend disposable masks for children going back to school, so that there would not be any risk of the child bringing the infection home with him (or her). This is especially important for households with aged members or more than one child, as they’re more likely to contract the infection than healthy adults.

Extra precautionary measures are also recommended for homes where one or more members have a weakened immune system. Upon arriving home from school, kids should be encouraged to quickly and safely dispose of their single-use face masks.

Students should also carry a high-quality hand-sanitizer with them to school every day. Hand sanitizers are an easy and effective way of ridding your hands of germs and microbes. Children at school will inevitably touch dirty or unclean surfaces over the course of the day.

Even if they are not exposed to respiratory droplets directly (thanks to the face masks), they might inadvertently touch a desk or wall after someone had coughed or sneezed nearby, thus getting these droplets on their hands. The best way to prevent infection, under these circumstances, is to use a quality hand-sanitizer at regular intervals.

The best hand-sanitizers are those that contain more than 60 percent alcohol and meet all FDA requirements, such as those manufactured by Whizley LLC. Children should be instructed to wet their hands thoroughly with the product, wipe it all over their palms and forearms, and then allow it to dry naturally without wiping. The entire process should not take more than 20 seconds. The proper use of hand-sanitizers is essential for the desired results.

Buying the Right PPE Products for Back To School

Not all masks and hand sanitizers are created equal. Parents and guardians need to buy high-quality disposable masks in bulk in order to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection. Buying face masks in bulk is also quite cost-effective, and it will prevent children from bringing the virus home from school.

Parents should ensure that they have sufficient quantities of hand-sanitizer at home for their children. These sanitizers should be made in accordance with FDA guidelines and should contain more than 60 percent alcohol. Children should be encouraged to use the sanitizer often and thoroughly, to maximize safety. Parents may also want to consult their family doctor before choosing the right hand-sanitizer for their kids.

Parents might also want to invest in some other popular PPE products such as antibacterial wipes. However, medical professionals around the world agree that masks and hand-sanitizers are the most important PPE products that will help prevent community transmission in schools and other crowded areas. So those are a must for all kids going back to school this fall semester.

Ideally, parents should only purchase PPE products such as disposable masks and hand sanitizers from reputed brands or companies that have been operating in this industry for over a decade (at least). The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many new players entering the PPE industry in a rush. However, choosing the products manufactured and distributed by an established and reputed PPE brand will help you avoid subpar, poorly made products.

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