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All You Need to Know about Whizley's Custom Mask

Custom masks

Scientists, researchers, and healthcare workers around the world have long concluded that wearing face masks is one of the most effective ways of preventing the transmission of various microbes, including the COVID-19 virus that is currently ravaging the globe. The countries that could successfully implement the wearing of face masks in public saw fewer deaths from the novel coronavirus, over the past year.

When SARS and MERS – other variants of the coronavirus – caused localized epidemics in other parts of the globe, the use of face masks was found to be the easiest and most cost-effective way of preventing community transmission. Therefore, governments, businesses, as well as healthcare institutions around the world have been encouraging the use of high-quality face masks, gloves, goggles, and other preventive gear, to avert more outbreaks of the novel coronavirus.

The Popularity of Custom face masks

Most manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) have begun designing innovative and attractive custom face masks, to appeal to a larger demographic and the younger generation of buyers. Very quickly, these custom face masks have become some of the most sought-after commodities of the new decade. Custom face masks are also used by companies to promote their brands while helping their staff members stay safe and healthy at work.

Custom face masks can be both reusable and single-use. Most reusable masks are multi-layered and made from a soft, breathable material such as cotton or linen. Apart from companies and businesses, individuals can also buy personalized or customized face masks, which would help accentuate their style while protecting them from harmful viruses and bacteria at the same time.

These customized masks can be specially designed to match a particular set of clothing or adhere to a specific dress code. They sometimes also feature witty quips or heart-warming messages on the face-covering. As a result, over the last few months, custom face masks have become a fashion statement in their own right. Many modern buyers only choose custom face masks that match their clothes and accessories, while others opt for separate masks for formal and casual occasions.

Many companies have released masks embellished with attractive stones, needlework, as well as innovative designs. Different types of custom face masks are now available for different occasions and types of clothing. Therefore, buyers can have their pick in terms of style and aesthetics, while also taking care of their health and the safety of their families and neighbors.

One of the major reasons why people prefer high-quality custom face masks is that it allows them to turn a necessary safety precaution (such as the medical mask during a pandemic) into something fun, beautiful, and uplifting. Custom face masks allow the wearers to turn a grim reality such as the COVID-19 pandemic into something fashionable and attractive, which can be a huge emotional relief for those still reeling from the fallout of the novel coronavirus and how it has changed the world.

Features of the Best Custom face masks

The best custom face masks are made from cotton, spandex, polyester, and other similar fabrics, which are stretchy, soft, and breathable. They should also have stretchy ear-loops, for maximum comfort and to prevent aches and pains after long hours of use. These masks are usually machine washable and feature full-color sublimation for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, they also have elastic at the top and the bottom of the mask, to prevent the entry of any germs or other harmful elements. Custom face masks should feature multiple layers and be adjustable, to combine safety with comfort and breathability. They usually also include an ear-saving mask extender in order to enhance comfort and adjustability, for people with faces of different shapes and sizes.

The full-color dye sublimation helps create a vibrant image of the print or artwork displayed on the custom face mask. The colors do not get smudged when the mask is washed or disinfected after use, thus making it an excellent canvas on which to showcase the wearer’s creativity or artistic tastes. Custom masks can be made following a particular design or theme provided to the manufacturers. On the other hand, buyers can also opt for premade custom face masks which coincide well with their sense of aesthetics.

To increase the cost-effectiveness of custom face masks, buyers can choose to purchase bags of 10 or 20 face masks, which would be cheaper than buying the masks one by one. And to make sure they get exactly the color, style, and design they are looking for, buyers should have the desired artwork approved by the manufacturer at least one or two weeks before they need the custom face masks to be delivered. This will also give them plenty of time to discuss any potential changes or adjustments to the design if required.

In Conclusion

If you’re planning to buy durable and comfortable custom face masks, however, you should only purchase them from a reputed seller or PPE products. Manufacturers who have been designing and producing custom face masks for decades, even before the outbreak of the pandemic, will be able to provide you with the highest quality products at the best rates. Therefore, you should only go for custom face masks manufactured by Whizley and other established sellers, for enhanced safety, affordability, and world-class quality.

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