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10 Ways Contactless Temperature Screening Can Benefit Your Business

Wireless Thermometer

While the pandemic has struck the economical and social balance of the world hard, science and technology have come forward fighting COVID-19 from stage 1. As per doctors, detecting the symptoms is the first hurdle. Hence, we bring you cutting-edge contactless temperature screening tools that detect high temperature accurately and instantly, so that your place of business keeps performing at its best having a healthy workforce.

Choose from our best selling thermometers -

1. Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

2. Touch-Free Wireless Thermometer with Adjustable Stand

Multinational business giants like Walmart, Amazon have already implemented wireless screening at their workplaces to make sure their multibillion-dollar business processes remain unhindered. And following in their steps can enhance your business capabilities as well. Here are the 10 ways our contactless temperature screening devices are revolutionizing the current business scape:

1. No Contact, No Risk

Why risk your business when you have high-end temperature screening tools to your aid? Our contactless thermometers are specially designed to measure the human body temperature from a 3-5cm distance from the forehead. Our wireless thermometer that comes with an adjustable stand can be mounted on any walls and will automatically read the forehead temperature within its 2-4 inches range. This outstanding device even frees you from engaging a resource to the job, ensuring zero contact = zero risks!

2. Infrared Technology for Rapid Testing

Our Infrared Thermometers can read a human body temperature in a fraction of a second. The rapid testing technology adds value to your office hours by exhibiting accurate results in the fastest possible way.

3. Smart Sensors with High-Temperature Alarm

The contactless thermometers are exceptionally devised with Smart Sensors that detect high temperatures in an instant and flash a red light alarm indicating danger. Normal body temperatures are confirmed by the green light.

4. Easy Display

We understand, only the ease of utility can make a particular technology handy. All our touch-free thermometers come with dual temperature display options in Fahrenheit and Celsius making the screening process convenient for each and every user.

5. Absolute Quality Control

At Masks by Whizley, all our PPE products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities and are inspected by our team experts who are in charge of the thorough quality control. Our aim is to be on par with the highest global safety standards making use of the best possible practices.

6. Eliminating Workplace Threats

Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 professionals are picking work from home or remote working over traveling all the way to the office. And being a public place a large section is terrified of the fact that they might expose themselves to the disease. Being the business owner it is your responsibility to offer a safe and secure workplace for your employees. Installing our contactless temperature screening thermometer will be a worthy step in eliminating workplace threats - a step towards protecting your workers’ health as well as your business’s!

7. Increase Productivity at Work

The novel Coronavirus has already taken a heavy toll on the global economy. Frequent lockdowns and social distancing incurred substantial losses to small to large scale businesses irrespectively. No matter how much the term remote working sounds safer, the culture doesn’t suit best to every business type. Healthcare, hospitality, travel & tourism, banking, entertainment industries demand business as usual where the physical presence of every team member is a mandate. However, as sanitization is the need of the hour, our wireless Infrared thermometers help your workstation turn safe for public activities, leading to enhanced productivity reflecting in your business graphs.

8. Ensure Peace of Mind

Unless your office environment spreads a safe and healthy vibe, your employees can never be relaxed in their seats and put in their 100%! Our leading-edge contactless thermometers detect the early signs of fever with its Infrared temperature measuring technology. So that your employees know the inside office air is contamination-free, guaranteeing sheer peace of mind.

9. Build a Better Brand Image

Be it a client visit or a regular day at work, your brand image vouches for your business growth. However, the brand image doesn’t specifically depend on your manpower strength, your office interiors, or your online presence, but also your flexible environmental and health policies. Introducing our accurate temperature detecting thermometers at your office space will be regarded as a conscious approach towards the ‘New Normal’ health standards magnifying your brand image.

10. One-Time Investment Protecting Workforce Health

Installing or implementing our ultra-modern touch-free thermometers is only a one-time investment act that supports your business in scaling up at present and in the near future. Our hi-tech thermometers don’t demand any ongoing expenses. Being completely contactless no regular maintenance or disinfection costs are involved.

Our advanced no-contact thermometers are ideal for use in any public or private places including offices, schools, food joints, shopping malls, health clinics, etc. Currently available at discounted rates our Infrared thermometers is one of the most essential precautionary maneuvers your business can take up to make hygiene at work a habit.

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