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10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Sending out Christmas gifts to employees is an ongoing trend, and it is not going anywhere even when we are living in a pandemic. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic only encourages us to give more thoughtful and useful gifts to our employees.

We have made a list of 10 thoughtful Christmas gifts. Read on and find out the perfect gift option for your employees.

10 Christmas Gifts For Employees

A multitude of organizations has a policy of offering Christmas gifts to employees. But, are you really sure that you want to give something from the list made in 2019?

The pandemic has changed it all. Here are some valuable gifts for Christmas:

1. Safety Kits

The best gift that you can give to your employees this Christmas is safety kits. In between pandemics, every one of your employees may be spending a lot on safety products, such as masks, sanitizers, and similar products. Some may even be getting customized masks to enjoy this purchase.

You can create a safety kit for your employees, which contains these essential items. They can carry this kit in the office or when they go out.

2. Gift Cards

One of the most popular Christmas gifts of all time is gift cards. Many people prefer purchasing products according to their preferences. A gift card simply gives them the flexibility to do the same for Christmas gifts.

For this gift option, you don’t even need to spend time and go shopping. You can simply personalize it with a message and send it over email. A safe gifting option!

3. Treat Hampers

The holiday season automatically brings to mind sweets, gourmet food, and chocolates. There’s no harm in offering this as a Christmas gift to your employees. In fact, a treat hamper can never go wrong.

You can even create two hampers, the sweet one and the non-sweet one. The non-sweet one can have dry fruits, chips, nachos, loaves of bread, and other products. This way your employees get to choose what they want.

4. Accessories

One unpopular gift choice around Christmas is accessories. Of course, it is common when coming from friends and family but not that common in corporate gifts. So, you can do something different and gift pocket squares, ties, or cufflinks to men and handbags or clutches to women.

However, avoid customizing these gifts or commercializing them. A very few people will use these Christmas gifts with the company’s name printed all across the product.

5. Office Essentials

Your employees need office essentials all the time. They spend a large portion of their day in the office, and during this time, they use organizers, post-its, pens, pen drives, memory cards, visiting cards, and desk organizers. You can create a gift package with these essentials and give them to your employees.

Here, you can commercialize. It won’t hurt to have the company’s name printed across essentials. In fact, you can print the employee’s name on the pen.

6. Framed Picture

Personalized gifts are always better than any other type of gifts. Even when you get something expensive, most people will love something simple and personalized. So, gift a picture.

Frame a picture of the employee or the whole team, put it in a nice frame, and pair it with an amazing caption. This would make the perfect Christmas gift for your employees.

As the company’s owner, you can even sign the frame.

7. Online Class

Most employees need personal growth. When they are working with an organization, they are consistently growing, learning, and becoming better at what they do. You can simply assist them in doing so this Christmas. Either offer a gift card for a website that offers online courses or ask your employees for their preferences to gift them an online course this Christmas.

8. Free Subscription

The best Christmas gift can be a subscription to something, such as Netflix, amazon prime, or any magazine. Just find out what your employees like and offer them a paid subscription as a gift on Christmas. You can create a survey and ask your employees to fill it. This will allow you to understand their choices but still maintain the surprise element.

9. Eco-Friendly Products

There’s a rapid shift towards eco-friendly and organic products. Instead of spending money on any non-biodegradable and non-eco-friendly product, purchase eco-friendly items.

For instance, the office essentials. You can purchase a biodegradable pencil and colored pen set or you can make a set of eco-friendly products.

10. Dinner Coupon

The last option is to give an order-in coupon. Although you can give a dinner coupon, many people are not willing to go out and eat in a restaurant. So, just give them an order-in coupon. Simply sponsor one of their meals.


If you have an option to personalize Christmas gifts for your employees in 2020, then get customized masks and safety kits. The gift of personal safety is the best gift you can give to them right now.

Check the above list, pick the right gift for your employees, and make the purchase now before you run out of time.

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